For the record-

God’s primary purpose in saving us in NOT to unfold His wonderful plan for our lives.

Jesus is not the way out of life’s problems.

Christianity is not the answer to our unhappiness.

We do not need to accept Christ in our life to find peace and joy.

Depression is not of the devil.

Jesus does not save the righteous from less sorrows than the wicked.

I needed to get that off my chest. If you listen long enough you find that the popular Christian message seems to say otherwise. And it’s despicably wrong.

It sounds nice to imply that sinners will find better lives if they trust Jesus as their savior, but it’s simply not true. It doesn’t matter how many times it’s promised from the pulpit or guaranteed in a tract, or taught from a life coach. Reality shatters every delusion.

In my own very short life I have experienced grief. I’ve watched others face tragedies. I’ve heard nightmarish accounts. And I’ve wept with heartbroken people. Christians – all of them.

And yet “a life of happiness” and a “wonderful plan” is still what is offered to the unsaved. If only they will believe on Jesus.

We’d better hide the Foxe Book of Martyrs then. And it would be a good idea to ignore how the disciple’s lives ended. Better stop our ears when the prayer requests are read at church. Smile when we are actually hurting inside. Disfellowship with the depressed Christian.

I’ll never forget the homeless man in Portland that I talked to.

As soon as I brought up “Jesus” he stopped me and smiled wanly – “Don’t tell me Jesus is the cure. Don’t talk to ME of happiness and joy. Don’t give me promises. I’ve seen it all. If Jesus is escape from suffering why does He allow suffering in “the saved”? Why does the Pastor have cancer? Why was that little child abused? Why are they homeless?”

He was bitter from all the hollow promises he had heard over and over from Christians.

And he’s right. Why do Christians promise something they themselves don’t have?

History proves Christianity to be a cost, not a self-help program. All you have to do is look at the suffering of the underground church today to know that Christianity isn’t a bed of roses.

Instead, all have fallen short of the glory of God. All are guilty enemies of God in need of righteousness. Mankind is condemned to Hell. The wages of your sin is death. But God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son to die in your place. The only way to accept such forgiveness and payment is to repent and believe. You won’t find an experience; a way out of your problems; or a life of happiness. But you will be given a new life restored to your Creator. You will still have heartache. Still have tragedies. Struggles and sorrow. Just like the rest of the world. But unlike the world, you will have His mercy, and He can work your heartache for good.

Give the true gospel and you won’t have bitter unbelievers who spit at your hypocrisy.

Share the truth and you won’t have disillusioned Christians falling on the wayside when persecution comes.

Stop making false promises and you won’t have false conversions.

Get off the conventional Christian bandwagon. It will only lead you to misery and lead unbelievers to Hell.


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