Quote for Today

“Nobody, on either side, can really stake out a moderate position on abortion for very long. Either abortion is condemned with the fury of 1,000 suns, or it is celebrated and glorified with religious fervor. Everyone who tries to hang out somewhere between these two extremes will inevitably land on one end of the spectrum or the other. That’s because abortion is an extreme thing. It is the slaughter of the innocent. History proves that there are really, when it comes down to it, only two types of people: those radically opposed to the dehumanization and murder of entire groups of people, and those radically in favor of it.”

Matt Walsh


Remember Them!

Please be advised…this post contains graphic images.

Hebrews 13:3 Says, “Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.”

We are commanded to REMEMBER THEM THAT ARE IN BONDS. I think the Lord had a very good reason why He told us to remember. How often we forget about other people! We get distracted and carried away with life. With work. With schedules. With entertainment. With good things. But there are people, that desperately need to be remembered. And not just to ”send a card and say I’m praying for you” (although sometimes this may be a very needed and good thing). But that our love would be put into action!

 Here is a short list I’ve compiled. (Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.) I hope it encourages you to stop and think about someone else. Of why we are here. Of the people HE loves and commands us to love also. Of how important it is that we make time to remember and put our remembrance to action!

 Other Christians, especially those in persecution

 “Brethren, pray for us.” (I Thessalonians 5:25)

 “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:”  (II Thessalonians 3:1)

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.

For we which live are alway delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.” (II Corinthians 4:8-11)


The Lost

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

“Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” (John 4:35)

“To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” (Luke 1:79)

The Widows and Fatherless

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” (James 1:27)

“We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.

  Let every one of us please his neighbour for his good to edification.

 For even Christ pleased not himself; but, as it is written, The reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me.” (Romans 15:1-3)

The Voiceless Victims of Abortion

“Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.” (Proverbs 31:8-9)

“If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain;

 If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works?” (Proverbs 24:11-12)

How Can I Help?

Guest writer Chris Hutto  shares how we can practically be a voice for the voiceless.

We know that as Christians we are commanded by God to witness. We also know that as Christians we need to speak out for those being “drawn to death” through abortion. But what does that look like practically in everyday life? How do we go about spreading the Gospel? How do we abolish abortion? After writing about these subjects I have had a lot of people ask me what we can do to fulfill what God has commanded of us.

First of all I have to say that the work of abortion abolition is not that complicated. Truly there are lots of things we can be doing but we have to keep a few things in perspective for it to be effective.

Our goal should always be the Gospel.

If we want a lasting change in the hearts of people we have to show them the cross. You can convince a lost person to be “pro-life” but if they are not shown God’s law they will have no foundation to base their new belief on and will be easily persuaded back to the world’s way of thinking. Abortion isn’t wrong because babies are human or because they feel pain but because God says it is wrong. Every unborn child is made in the image of God. (Gen. 9:6) People don’t need to be shown that abortion is ethically inconsistent with human rights but that those that commit an abortion are transgressing against the perfect law of a holy and just God. Abortion is a sin but God can and will forgive because of His wondrous mercy!

Abortion abolition has to be the personal work of believers.

Many people believe that Christian ministries should be the work of our spiritual leaders and pastors but the Bible shows us that the work of God is the work of the Christian. We shouldn’t wait for others to do right before we do what Christ has commanded. We shouldn’t subcontract our Christianity out to special groups or those in the “ministry.” Just because we give money to charity or missions doesn’t exempt us from participation.

Our message should extend far beyond that of the mainstream pro-life groups.
Most pro-life organizations focus on the humanity of the unborn children instead of the commands of a righteous God. It is good to recognize that unborn children are human beings but that shouldn’t be the main reason abortion is wrong. How do you prove to the lost and willfully ignorant majority that the unborn are babies? Do you mention that they feel pain or that they have a heart beat? Maybe you could mention that they have their own distinct DNA or that they dream. Does this prove that abortion is wrong? Do not animals share these same things? Most pro-life groups make abortion a political issue instead of the sin of murder. Our focus shouldn’t be regulating abortions but abolishing it. Slavery was abolished in England without bloodshed why can’t abortion be abolished in the same way?

So now that we have set the foundation for abortion abolition now let me write about what we can do about it. I need to say that everything we do must be done in the Spirit. Without God we can do nothing. Truly it would be pointless. The Spirit does the drawing. We are commanded to walk in the Spirit and because of this relationship with God our response to the world around us will be effective in reaching them for Christ. If the work of the Lord is done in the flesh it is a waste of time and will actually be harmful to the name of Christ. I will give you a detailed list of some of the things that I have done or have seen others do that is effective in the work of abortion abolition. Of course it doesn’t have to be limited to this list and if anyone has any other ideas I would love to hear about them.


Psalm 6:9 “The LORD hath heard my supplication; the LORD will receive my prayer.” James 5:16 “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

Philippians 4:6 “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. “

1 John 5:14 “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:”

Do we believe in the power of prayer? Through Christ’s death on the cross the veil was rent which led to the Holiest of all. Now we have direct access into the throne room of God. (Matthew 27:51; Hebrews 9:3; Hebrews 4:16) We are commanded to come boldly unto God. We are the children of God. He desires to give us good things. We love the unborn but how much more does God love those tiny children that He personally is forming and creating in the womb? Prayer isn’t some ritual but a conversation with our Father. We need to pray to God that he would work mightily on behalf of those being drawn to death. Abortion can be abolished but it will take a miracle so why would we ever want to exclude the one and only Miracle Worker?

Speaking out.

Proverbs 31:8 “Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.”

We have to be the voice for the voiceless. Who else is going to? They can’t speak for themselves. God will hold us accountable for whether or not we did this very thing. We can’t leave the work of abortion abolition to the dedicated few or we will never see it done. Every believer must speak out for the unborn.
James 1:27 says, “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” How much more fatherless can a child be than the one being destroyed at the abortion mills by their own parents?

They have a physical dad but they do not have a father. We can speak out by first talking to our family and friends about the sin of abortion. We can encourage our Pastor to preach against it. We can go to the high schools and talk to the children about it. You would be amazed at how open many of the high school kids are to hearing about abortion and the gospel if we will just only take the time to converse with them. One of the best ways to start a conversation with some one that you have just met is to ask for their opinion on abortion. Most people love to give their opinion and most of the time will allow you to give yours. To do these things you will have to face a lot of fears but it is always worth it. Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
Write about it.
One of the ways we speak out is through writing. Most of us write emails and texts all the time but what do we write for the unborn? We may think that we don’t have enough time but we truly make time to the things we
want to do. If you have Facebook maybe that could be your way of speaking out for the unborn. We will write about our vacation or our newest epiphany why not spend some time writing about important things. You may lose FB “friends” but again, it’s worth it. Maybe we could write an email to all our contacts encouraging them to take some time out of their day to research the abortion problem. There are sometimes opportunities to write in a local newspaper. What kind of impact would it have on our state if every Christian wrote their Representative or Senator and told them that abortion must stop?   [I would be more than willing for you to use maidarise@blogspot.com as an outlet for any writings you would like to post on abortion.  Please just contact me if you would like to use this blog as an outlet.  Believe it or not, Maid Arise actually does have quite a few readers according to statistics. 🙂 ]
Also, click here to contact Idaho’s Senate Leadership.  And here for the House’s Leadership.
Holding Signs.

For some people this might be a bit intimidating because you are expressing your belief in a very public way. I understand but this is one of the best ways to start a dialog with people. Protests and demonstrations have been one of America’s most common tactics in bringing awareness to important issues.
 I’m not saying that we should start a traditional protest with chants and slogans but standing out in the public places like side walks and parks with signs starts many wonderful discussions with people who probably wouldn’t have taken the time to even think about the issue of abortion. I have had quite a few great talks with people that after talking had a different perspective on it. They really had to think about their position and why they believed it. I was also able to share the Gospel with them. It is such a blessing to be able to see the light come on in their head when they hear the true Gospel of Christ for the first time. Most people know who Christ is but many have never been shown that He is their Savior.

Handing out tracts and drop cards.
This is a great way to bring awareness to the abortion issue and to share the Gospel. This is also a good way for someone to engage in evangelism that may be afraid to talk with someone face to face. Sometimes after a conversation with someone I will give them a track so they can continue to learn about what I was just sharing with them. Tracks are great to hand out at events. You can hand out hundreds in just a few minutes. Drop cards are also great. As there name implies you don’t even have to hand them to people. You can just drop them anywhere. The drop cards we use for abortion abolition are just the right size for putting in the credit card slot on gas pumps. You can leave tracks in library books or waiting rooms. Living Waters has a great selection of Gospel tracks on their website with a solid Gospel message. We use drop cards from ahagear.com which is Abolish Human Abortion’s online store. (Some drop cards on their site have abortion images.)

Abortion “Clinic” outreach.

This truly is a combination of all these things. This is where you must be prepared for spiritual warfare. Because of the situation people’s emotions are heightened. You will be able to warn the children’s parents one last time before they destroy it. We must have answers for the mothers for they have all the reasons in the world to justify their actions. We must be compassionate for these women but also bold for the truth.

High school Outreach.
Again this is a combination of the above. Many people call the clinic work the Front lines of abortion abolition but truly it starts at the high schools. This is the next generation. These are the people being lied to. Many have already had abortions before they reach the age of eighteen. Amazingly, many are open to talking about abortion and the Gospel. The children in the high schools are encouraged in their promiscuity. They often have no respect for sexual purity or the life of the unborn. They must be warned and the works of darkness exposed.


Abortion isn’t just a political issue but because of the callous attitude of politicians it must be addressed on this level. As Christians we should never support a candidate that is in favor of child sacrifice. If he wont protect the freedoms of the smallest and most innocent among us how do we ever expect him to protect and stand for our conservative values. But really that is beside the point. We should not be putting our support behind someone that loves what God hates. This is a very serious issue. It isn’t just a political bias or agenda it is life and death. Abortion isn’t the equivalent to taxation or gun control it is the destruction of 1.2 million lives a year. It is the number one killer of Americans. Twice that of heart disease. Proverbs 6:17 says that God hates hands that shed innocent blood. Abortion is hated by our Creator. But not only abortion itself but the hands that commit such things. That is a pretty strong statement. We should be conscience of the moral standing of who we vote for. They represent us. Lets make sure that they hate the things God hates.

Just the Beginning…
I am sure that there is more we could do but this is a start. I hope that it will be a help. Maybe you have another idea. I will be writing another post on what to say when people challenge our biblical stand next time. There are some really common statements that “pro-choice” people will say and they all have simple answers. I know that this can seem overwhelming but I hope that I can help encourage someone to take the first step in speaking out for the unborn.


Who Will Speak Out For the Voiceless?

I’d like to introduce to you guest writer, Chris Hutto.  He has an amazing heart for the lost and for the helpless and has inspired me to do the same.  I hope this post is both encouraging and convicting.  Please be sure to comment.

Who Will Speak Out For the Voiceless?

Who will speak out for the voiceless? Who will stand in the gap for those being murdered all around us? Who will take a stand amidst great opposition? Those questions are directed at you Christian.
This isn’t just some desperate post driven by a fit of passion I’m asking all who read this to make a decision; a choice. What is holding you back from decrying the American Holocaust? Why wont you speak out for the defenseless children being slaughtered by abortion in this country at the rate of 3,500 a day? What is holding you back? Have the cries of these precious children become just a “pro-life” slogan? Are the souls of our neighbors just numbers? Have you sub-contracted your Christian duties away to “pro-life” organizations and pregnancy centers? Why do we condemn the Christians in Nazi Germany for their apathy when we as Christians turn our backs on the Holocaust in our own country? What is holding you back?
I think I know the answer and it is embarrassing and shameful. We love our pleasure too much. This is evidenced by our thoughts in the morning when we first get out of bed or open our eyes to the first rays of sunlight. Do we seek to know God’s will for us that day? Do we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness? Where do our priorities lie? Are not there souls all around us heading for an eternal Hell? Are not there thousands of our country’s most vulnerable citizens being murdered in abortion “clinics” just blocks away? I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty or depressed but if you don’t have a love for mankind you don’t have love for your Lord. If you don’t believe me read 1 John. What is more important to you, the souls of men or your job? How about your financial stability or the newest movie in theaters. Maybe you cherish your friendships more or your comfort. Be honest. Where your treasure is there will your heart be also. What happened to “delivering those that are being drawn to death?” If you love what the world has to offer more than God’s heart than so be it but don’t claim the name of Christ while you partake in worldly pleasure. You can’t serve both God and mammon.
But if you are truly a child of God the Bible says that we are no longer under the power of sin. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. God gave the most precious gift, His only begotten Son, and we often don’t even feel obliged to give a bit of our time. We are soldiers of Christ that have been bought with a price. We no longer have a right to ourselves. Times like these demand action. Why bother putting on the armor of God if you don’t intend to use it? Some may say that we don’t want to get caught in the trap of service without a relationship and I agree entirely. Don’t! Just because many do it wrong doesn’t mean we have to. We have the power to become the Sons of God. Let us have more than just a form of godliness.
If you saw a home in your neighborhood that was on fire wouldn’t you take action? What if you knew that the home owner was inside? Maybe there is a child asleep on the couch completely unaware of the danger and death about to engulf him. What are you going to do? Imagine that you are a firefighter. You are armed with a fire suit, a helmet, a breathing apparatus, boots and a sharp ax, everything you need to help the child escape. Would you stand by and just watch the house burn down? Maybe you should encourage the child to come out of the house through “life style evangelism” by showing him the proper technique of escape outside the living room window. He is asleep, how will he even know to take your advice? Maybe you are too afraid to awaken him because of how angry he might be. Does any of that matter in light of his eternal destination?
What is holding you back? What more does Christ have to give in order that you will do His will? He already gave us the command to go into all of the world. What are you waiting for? The fields are already white with harvest.

Companies That Support Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is one of the largest abortion clinics around. It is not only supported by our own government by over 50% … but also by large business industries and companies, which make up another 25% of their funding. Not only are these companies not against the murder of innocent life, but they willingly and gladly give their money that babies might be slaughtered. This is something worth considering.

Starbucks donates to Planned Parenthood!

Recently, someone told me that Starbucks donates to Planned Parenthood. I wasn’t surprised… but I did my homework first to find out that it really is true. They do. Which means, every time you purchase your favorite coffee drink…you are also helping fund one of the largest abortion clinics around. For those of us who love Starbucks coffee…this is rather depressing and maybe even somewhat controversial. Yes, it would seem that evil is around us no matter where or what we choose to do. And I understand the argument. But, at the same time, please consider this. How much is a cup of coffee worth to you? How much of your everyday convenience and time are you willing to give up for the murder of innocent life?

Some things are worth giving up and sacrificing a little bit of our own convenience or comfort or time for. I believe this is certainly one of them. And for anyone who may be interested to know, I’ve compiled a short list below of the top 38 companies that donate to Planned Parenthood also. Starbucks isn’t the only culprit and the list may surprise you.

  1. Adobe
  2. American Cancer Society
  3. American Express
  4. AT&T
  5. Avon
  6. Bank of America
  7. Bath & Body Works
  8. Ben & Jerry’s
  9. Clorox
  10. Converse
  11. Deutsche Bank
  12. Dockers
  13. Energizer
  14. Expedia
  15. ExxonMobil
  16. Fannie Mae
  17. Groupon
  18. Intuit
  19. Johnson & Johnson
  20. La Senza
  21. Levi Strauss
  22. Liberty Mutual
  23. Macy’s
  24. March of Dimes
  25. Microsoft
  26. Morgan Stanley
  27. Nike
  28. Oracle
  29. PepsiCo
  30. Pfizer
  31. Progressive
  32. Starbucks
  33. Susan G. Komen
  34. Tostitos
  35. Unilever
  36. United Way
  37. Verizon
  38. Wells Fargo

So how do these companies donate anyways? Most of them, through what is called “Employee match contribution”. Basically, if an employee chooses to donate to any organization (in this case, Planned Parenthood) the company will equally match the donation. It is technically through indirect donations. That being said, here is a helpful article I read on the matter: http://dailysignal.com/…/we-asked-companies-about…/ When these companies were each confronted on their donation program to Planned Parenthood after the recent news scandal of how Planned Parenthood was selling fetus parts, only SOME of them commented with defense, saying how they do not directly donate but use the “employee match contribution program”. And while you cannot prove or disprove that the companies which chose to ignore the question and remain silent do DIRECTLY donate… one has to wonder why they chose not to answer and be silent about it at all. 

Spokespersons for Adobe, Bank of America, Bath & Body Works, Ben & Jerry’s, Converse, Deutsche Bank, Dockers, Energizer, Expedia, Groupon, Intuit, Johnson & Johnson, La Senza, Liberty Mutual, Microsoft, Nike, Oracle, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Starbucks, Susan G. Komen, Wells Fargo, Tostitos and Unilever did not return The Daily Signal’s request for comment.

Voice of Dissidence

This is my brother’s blog on abolishing abortion.  Below is his description of the blog’s purpose.  I hope you will take the time to check it out.


That is the heart of Voices of Dissidence. I’m not talking about foolish rebellion or discord. I’m talking about challenging the trends and popular opinions of our society. Popular opinion is not the standard for what is right. Reality is not subject to the whim of the masses. Throughout history the majority has established what is right and wrong and consequently the laws of the land have been warped to fit their desires. It was legal to ship the Jews off to death camps. It was legal to own slaves in America. Where were the people standing for truth? Where had the soldiers of righteousness gone? Was there not a cause? They had become professionals in conformity. Can not the same be said of us? What evils go unchallenged today? What laws have been fitted to the apathetic will of our convenience?

More than ever there is a need for that silence to be broken. No longer should the chains of uniformity and fear hold us captive. As Christians we already know what is right but is time to act on our convictions. The churches of this nation are already full of people sitting on comfortable pews enjoying the show. What the world needs is soldiers ready to fight. Christianity is not a spectator sport. The world needs the message of Christ’s salvation. The blatant evils of our land must be decried before the world can see their need. But who will go? Who will stand? Who will be that voice of dissidence?

The answer is up to you Christian!

A Cry for the Voiceless

A Cry for the Voiceless

What was there to attract the Lord Jesus to these crowds? Their need, you answer. Yes, no doubt, their terrible need did move Him with compassion, to the hurting point. But was there more than this? Something He saw…some lingering trace of the Father’s face in these faces? His eyes were very keen. He had seeing eyes. And these men have all been made in the Father’s image. Has that image ever been wholly lost? – terribly blurred and scarred by sin, yes; but wholly lost? Do you think so? I think not.

Was it as though the Father’s face cried out to Him out for these poor beaten faces? …He says, ‘inasmuch as ye did it to one of these my brethren, these least, ye did it unto me.’ (Matt. Xxv.40)

…What is done for them is done to Him. Their need is His need.; their cry, His. It’s Jesus coming to us in these crowds. Their need is Jesus Himself appealing to us. And the Jesus in us will answer with heart and life…the God image crowded back within is helped to get out into free expression.

You may not be sent to some distant field… Your personal place may be at home. But the crowd, the need, is everywhere; at home, in the social circle, and among the men in this dangerously prosperous land of ours. Need of body even here, and deeper need of spirit.

…the Spirit will guide. He has a passion for men in their need. He will take command of your life here as elsewhere. He will lead you into a life of personal service in helping man.” ~ S.D. Gordon

My brother Chris and I arrived at the Coeur D’Alene Fair at 10:00 am. We purchased our tickets and made our way to the booth. It was the first time I had ever seen the abolitionist booth. A very unassuming roofed structure with two tables and some posters stacked against it. I prayed. I wanted to be a support to Chris, and a blessing to these people.


Since we were the first to arrive, we started to hang up the poster signs. As I helped Chris clamp the posters, I read them. The one we were hanging said, “Which of these two human beings was conceived in rape?” I looked at the ultra-sound pictures. The two babies looked almost identical. Little heads, the outline of the nose, a little hand… Underneath the pictures it continued, “And which of these children does not have the right to live?”

This summer, Chris started to actively pursue evangelism. During “Lost in the 50’s” Chris preached on the street for the first time. I feel it was a privilege to stand by and pray for him. I also helped him pass out gospel tracts to the crowd. During Sandpoint’s Music Festival we also passed hundreds of tracts to the people waiting in line.


But this was the first time I would be directly involved with the abolitionist movement. For years I’ve desired to speak up against abortion and reach the women that contemplate having or have had one.  

Several years ago I wrote “The Choice” in an effort to do just that. And yet, that wasn’t enough. I would inform people on my blog, and donate to the Life Crisis Pregnancy Center in Sandpoint . But I had readers write… “You’re right…this is an atrocity. It is widely ignored. But what do we do about it?”


I never quite knew. And now, I found an outlet: AHA.  Here was an opportunity to actually speak out. 


Then came the crowd.


The mass of people, most of them there to enjoy themselves, were about to be burdened about murdered babies. My personality is to please people; I normally do not enjoy confrontation. But who was going to speak for these innocents? Many people stand up for the homeless, the abused, the molested, the orphaned, the poor — all noble causes, but not many dare to speak for the voiceless.

With what we call drop-cards, we also passed out gospel tracts. I stepped out of my comfort zone and started approaching people.


As I began, the crowd no longer were a mass of strangers to me, but became individuals. Human beings, most of them deceived on the vital issue of life.  Present life and future.  We weren’t only there to talk to them about the little lives aborted every day, but also their lives, as unsaved people, walking blindly into Hell.

Men and women ignore the fact that they are sinners. If we have ever stolen something we are a thief. If we’ve lied, even once, we are a liar. If we have looked on another person with lust, we have committed adultery in our heart. And if we have encouraged, condoned, or committed an abortion, we are a murderer. Our sin has made us an enemy with God. And as a just Judge, He is obligated to find us guilty.

Yet, “God commendeth His love towards us, in that, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” Jesus Christ took our punishment, then rose from the dead for us.  If we repent and trust Him, God will grant us everlasting life. There is hope, and His name is Jesus Christ.

I was able to talk to several people, whose faces are burnt into my minds eye. Faces with their Father’s image traced in them. People who said hurtful things but behind their words were cries; cries from bitter hurting hearts. Others who shyly approached me with secret cries from used and wounded souls that didn’t dare voice their pain.  Confused cries from empty souls.  S.D. Gordon’s quote came back to me… “Their need is His need.; their cry, His. It’s Jesus coming to us in these crowds. Their need is Jesus Himself appealing to us.”

And I had the answer. I know the One who heals wounds, and fills voids. I realized, not only was I speaking for the voiceless babies, but also for the ones who held hurts in their hearts and didn’t even know how to cry out. In a way, both the innocent and the guilty were in need of a voice.  That voice in the wilderness.  

One young lady I spoke with couldn’t have been a day older than sixteen. She asked me what would “someone” do, if she were 13, and found herself pregnant, and she was scared….scared of her parents…scared of being a parent. What then?

As I watched her “come up” with this scenario, I realized she was speaking of herself. Here was my opportunity to be a voice.  

I shared that no matter the circumstances, and how that baby was conceived, like all babies, that baby was still a human being, made in the image of God, and therefore deserved to live. I told her I realized it would be a frightening situation, but to go through with an abortion would be committing murder.

My heart broke as I spoke to her. So this was compassion to the hurting point. This is what Jesus felt when He spoke to the crowd. They weren’t a mass….they were individuals. Just as a baby isn’t a mass of cells, but an individual human being.


I told her of Jesus. Even if that “someone” had an abortion, she could find healing and forgiveness through someone named Jesus.

Jesus… His name is a balm itself. In the midst of all the hate, all the disgruntled people, all of the ridicule, the emotions, the lost, the hurting, there was Jesus. How thankful I am to know Him!  I need to share Him!

A voice crying in the wilderness (John 1:23)

56 million babies have been murdered since 1973*. They need someone to cry out for them.

   56 million people died in the year 2012 worldwide**. They need someone to cry out to them.

Will you be a voice?