Knight #2

Knight 2

Age 20

You asked about women staying at home, being “narrow minded” and only thinking of serving their families. That is a hard question, since I believe it is important to be a help to one’s family and to be a servant. At the same time I also believe that marriage is important… For me it comes down to this. If she is simply putting herself out there because she is desperate to get married for marrying’s sake, then no, I think that’s wrong. If however she has peace about marriage in general and she knows it is what the Lord would have for her life, I think that simply working hard at home, being faithful at church and doing the various other things the Lord leads her to do, will bring her into contact with the man the Lord has for her. Among those various things one might find, more education, a job, and any number of things, but the biggest thing to remember is that it is not the man that the woman is looking for, but the Lord’s will… I guess the conclusion of my ramblings would be then, that above all things that I look for in a woman is a desire to follow God before everything else would be paramount.

As far as the industrious thing goes I totally agree with the author. I wouldn’t want to marry a woman who is lazy and couldn’t take care of a home and children. Though at the same time I am not saying that I would want to marry a career woman. That’s not the kind of industry I’m talking about. Just a hard working woman.
Beauty is not number one on my list when it comes to picking a life partner, but it is on my list. I couldn’t tell you how far down it is on the list, but I would like to marry a woman who is pretty, which I think that’s natural for a guy. It is definitely something I think we are hard wired with.

What are some expectations I have when I look for in a wife?
I would say the following:
– Submitted to the Lord
– Loves her dad
– Loves her family
– Hard working
– Faithful

-Enjoys children


Knight #6

Here is Knight #6…. I found this young man’s thoughts a blessing.  

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Knight # 6 (Age: 21 )

I think that the world has had too much sway on Christians of all ages and both genders in many areas, this being one of them. The Bible clearly teaches that we should seek God above all else and all that we need will be added to us. I don’t think our search for relationships should differ. A young lady looking for a life partner should look no farther than to God, who longs to be glorified through her life and future relationship. If God wants to be glorified through a relationship, one way we are promised He will do it is through blessing the obedience of those involved. I know by experience that letting God bring that person into your life, as your whole focus is on pleasing Him, is so much more rewarding than seeking out that desired relationship. God knew what I needed when I needed it and He continues to prepare me as needed for my future wife. As I look back at how God led me into experiences I can see He had in mind my preparation.

So as to a girl needing to be industrious; God knows what that girls future holds far better than society, and God will lead perfectly as she follows Him first, even against social norms and expectations,away from relationships and into others.
Also I think beauty is not what should seal the deal on a relationship. Of course it’s a blessing that God has made males and females attractive to each other but I personally have found that regardless of what a girl looks like, her heart makes all the difference. Everything good and beautiful came from the Father, when He is in control she will be beautiful. I’ve known many girls, all of which their looks make no impact on my memory of them. In my sinful state their looks would have mattered, but now it is Jesus Christ who makes them beautiful. I think of beauty as how I see Jesus in them. Any man that marries a homely girl who has unconditionally given her soul to God is far more blessed than he who fell into the trap and married due to attraction of aging, mortal flesh.